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Why cybercrime is still a major threat in Kenya

Despite Kenya has been ranked as one of Africa’s fastest growing countries in the field of ICT, cyber security is still a threat.

Cybercrime still remains a major problem in all spheres of online technology.

Speaking during the training of accredited suppliers on ICT standards in Kisumu, ICT and Innovation Principal Secretary Jerome Ochieng said that attacks on platforms are becoming frequent hence affecting increase in productivity in all aspects.

“Cybercrime and security vulnerabilities have been flourishing in the ICT and it is a major concern that need to be looked into or else the number will keep growing,” said Jerome.

The data report on economic development has grown to Sh538.3 billion in one year

PS Jerome


The PS however urged all the ICT individuals to ensure they’re accredited by the government to assist curb this vice.

He further revealed that as much as ICT still remains vulnerable Kenya is one of the growing ICT markets with an increase of 2.5 percent in 2021 from 2020 in performance and productivity.

“The data report on economic development has grown to Sh538.3 billion in one year,” said Jerome.

The PS said accredited suppliers will have more opportunities beyond Africa to show their innovation and boost the country’s economy.

Accreditation will also reduce the cybercrime which has been hard to control in Africa causing the business community to run a loss.

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