Saturday, June 10, 2023


Kenya Forest Service partners with lobby to restore degraded Nyasoko forest

Several decades ago, Nyasoko Forest was a lush and thick forest and the area used to receive plenmty of rain. But things took a shift...



How farming is saving Migori widows from wife inheritance 

In the scenic Nyasoko village in Suna West, Migori County, nestled within the vibrant Luo community in Kenya, lies a tale of strength, courage,...


Lost everyone in the family, sank into depression, attempted suicide four times, but now living his dream

It took Brian Nicanor Oruko 15 years to discover that he was battling depression. And just when he thought he had squandered his life opportunities,...

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KONDELE: Hidden treasures under the dark cloud of violence tag

A quick exploration of the word ‘Kondele’ in the common search engines can be depressing. Topping the searches are images of burning tyres, boulders blocking...


Youths have loads of opportunities in the untapped African culture

Culture, the embodiment of beliefs, behaviours, and artifacts within a group, is a treasure passed down through communication and learning rather than genetic inheritance. ...

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