Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Haroo! Karua on the trend with a new song featuring Fena Gitu

Azimio la Umoja presidential running mate, Martha Karua is now an artist.

Karua has been featured in a new song dubbed ‘Heko Mama’.

‘Heko mama’ will be the first song Karua in the career of music industry.

The song depicts the strength of a mother while comparing Kenya to a mother.

Azimio campaign song

Azimio Campaign Songs

The new song features Fena Gitu, Jecinta Omondi and Sally Wisdom and comedian Joe Nyokabi who’s video went viral for mimicking Karua’s speech.

Heko mama will be another campaign song for Azimio after releasing ‘leo ni leo’ song featuring ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Leo ni leo which means today is the day, rallying call to action has been used as his election campaign anthem for the Azimio coalition.

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