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Kenya Sends 76 Nurses to the UK in milestone bilateral healthcare agreement

In a historic moment, the United Kingdom and Kenya celebrated the second anniversary of their bilateral agreement on healthcare workforce development.

The event marked the flagging off of 76 Kenyan nurses who will embark on a journey to the UK to bolster the National Health Service (NHS).

The occasion was graced by the presence of Leigh Stubblefield, Deputy High Commissioner & Development Director of the British High Commission in Nairobi, along with distinguished government officials and healthcare professionals.

At the heart of every thriving healthcare system lies the dedication and expertise of our nurses

Susan Wafula

Stubblefield expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Health and Nursing Council of Kenya for organizing the event, highlighting the recruitment of over 200 nurses to NHS Trusts in the UK.

He acknowledged challenges in scaling up recruitment and announced that both countries were finalizing guidelines to streamline the process.

Stubblefield also emphasized the UK’s commitment to achieving the SDG 2030 goals, focusing on universal health coverage.

Cabinet Secretary for Health Susan Wafula addressed concerns about the impact on Kenya’s domestic healthcare resources, emphasizing that the bilateral agreement had actually strengthened the nation’s healthcare sector.

She praised the nurses as unsung heroes and pillars of Kenya’s healthcare infrastructure.

“At the heart of every thriving healthcare system lies the dedication and expertise of our nurses, ” said Wafula.

Wafula also stressed the importance of international collaboration and knowledge exchange in addressing global health challenges.

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