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We are not intrested in your affairs, Migori MCA fires at ODM leaders

West Kanyamkago MCA Peter Mijungu has refuted claims that he is causing chaos within the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) in Migori.

The MCA denied claims that he and other independent leaders are causing chaos within the party.

The county lawmaker denounced the allegations terming them baseless, adamant that his focus lies far beyond the party and its activities.

I was elected on an Independent ticket after ODM denied me my nomination, despite my victory in the preliminaries

Peter Mijungu

Maintaining he is no longer tethered to ODM, Mijungu resolutely states his independence, calling for his voice to be heard on matters unrelated to the accusations thrown his way.


These sentiments arise in response to the claims made by Migori County ODM chair, Philip Makabong’o, who accused the independent leaders of puncturing holes in the party’s foundation.

Mijungu revealed that his affiliation with ODM ended when they did not prioritize his interests.

“I was elected on an Independent ticket after ODM denied me my nomination, despite my victory in the preliminaries,” he said.

“They denied me the chance to run on their ticket, so I have very little to say about ODM,” furthered Mijungu.

Mijungu asserted that his decisions, actions, and movements are entirely his own.

He refused any association with political parties and said he finds no pleasure in engaging with ODM’s accusations.

Amidst the political landscape, Mijungu finds himself at a crossroads with the emergence of a new alliance led by some MCAs in Migori County and Member of Parliament, Mark Nyamita from Uriri.

However, he swiftly dispels these ideas as mere propaganda. Instead, he emphasizes the necessity of collaborating with all elected leaders in the county to fulfil the aspirations of the people.

Skewed development

Allegations of skewed development in certain wards, including West Kanyamkago, have also surfaced.

Mijungu assurred the public that the Governor Dr Ochilo Ayacko was elected by the entire County and will work in every ward.

While financial constraints may present challenges, he firmly opposes the notion that any ward has been side-lined under the Governor’s administration.

Mijungu also highlighted the fairness of the budgeting process, ensuring that resources are allocated to all wards equitably.

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