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KOT attacks Charlene Ruto after controversial introduction of ‘Office Of the first daughter’

President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene Ruto is once again facing the wrath of Kenyans on twitter who never fail to keep on the when you don’t expect.

Charlene has received clash back from social media after introducing existence of the office of the first daughter.

In a viral video on social media while she was speaking at a summit in Arusha, Tanzania, Charlene mentioned the existence of the office which according to the law it does not exist.

“This is Jermaine Momanyi, the head of trade and investment in the office of the First Daughter and Mike Sagana, one of the team members,” said Charlene.

“So its okay for our taxes to be used on an office that doesn’t exist and should never exist”



This has raised various reactions on social media and questions on how he finances the team.

Some saying the move is one of the ways to use taxes on the advantage of the government’s benefits.

“So its okay for our taxes to be used on an office that doesn’t exist and should never exist,” tweeted Aleckie Ronald.

“Well it’s not right for such a mundane role to be funded by taxpayers,” wrote @Kiarie.

However, others were of the opinion that the office could have been there all that time but Kenyans were never aware.

“Maybe there has been an office of the first daughter all along I wouldn’t be surprised,” said Timothy Mathai.

“Kenya as long as you know someone, they will create an office for you, there is a creative designer at the DCI,” tweeted Miriti Mitugi.

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