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Here is the amount of salt you should take in a day

Salt is a necessity in majority of Kenyan households and its used in the preparation of meals to enhance the taste of the food.

It contains sodium which helps in regulation of electrolytes that allow the brain to carry electric signals through the nerves and muscles.

However excessive consumption of salt may prove more harmful than useful to the human body.

Intake and Risks

The recommended salt intake for adults is less than six grams a day but most people regularly eat about nine grams.

With the advancement in age there are more health risks due excess intake of salt.

Some of the health problems that arise from the consumption of too much salt is increase in blood pressure.

The body is given a though time to digest the salt and hence the heart has to work an extra mile to pump the blood hence increasing the blood pressure levels which pose a threat to serious heart problems.

Lots of salt leads to a rise in blood sodium levels hence making the body to retain more water than is required and this can led to harmful retention.

Due to this retention parts of the body may swell in extremeness, including the legs the feet and even the ankles.

High salt consumption can also increase the chances of stomach cancer .

Studies have showed that people with twice the intake of salt face the risk of stomach cancer than those with low intake.


It is therefore advisable to watch the salt levels and maintain low intakes of salt.

Different manufactured produces have the salt levels highlighted on the packets and the consumers should look at such crucial information before purchase of goods.

Reducing the the amount of salt intake is however a challenging step to many but with gradual reduction of the intake can led to total control over high intake.

Seeking doctors guidance is also a key step to help look out for the healthy practices that are of key importance.

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