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Why wearing tight clothes could expose you to serious health risks

Tight clothing is a normal fashion choice to many and acceptable but it is a poor health choice as it faces high risk of acid reflux.

Research has proved that wearing of tight clothes around the stomach puts you at risk of heartburn.

Heartburn is a burning pain or discomfort in the upper chest and when the stomach acid moves towards the esophagus it causes acid reflux.

According to the Sepalika Women’s Hormonal Health Clinic research, people who suffer or complain of heartburn tend to feel uncomfortable with wearing tight clothing.

Tight clothes exert pressure on the stomach hence allowing stomach acid to move up towards the esophagus causing occurrence of acid reflux.

Wearing tight clothes places pressure on the stomach and forces gastric acid into the esophagus

Dr.Anthony Kouri

These clothes also make stomach to feel gaseous and pressure is on the abdomen and hence food is not properly digested, undigested foods contribute to heartburn.

When the stomach is compressed it develops heartburn and also lead to development of stomach ulcers.

Shape wears

These trousers has its top resting just above the stomach when worn and hence exerting pressure on the stomach.

Due to this pressure their if formation of stomach acid which in urn lead to acid reflex.


Most people put on belts, but fastening it to much causes a series of inflammation in the stomach area, these therefore increases the chances of having heartburn.

Tight pants

Wearing these tight pants pushes the stomach upwards hence constricting the surrounding areas of the muscles.

Increase of this restriction increases the chances of relaxing the lower esophagus sphincter hence lowering the digestion chances of the stomach hence increasing chances of acid reflux.

Avant Gynecology states that wearing clingy clothing can lead to both skin and irritation and circulation issues.

“Wearing tight clothes places pressure on the stomach and forces gastric acid into the esophagus,” said Dr.Anthony Kouri of the University of Toledo Medical Center.

Apart from tight clothing, heartburn can be brought about by overweight, eating the wrong types of foods, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and lack of exercise.

Unpleasant pain immediately under the breastbone, bloating , nasty taste and fluid at the back of the throat and burping.

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