Thursday, November 30, 2023

Women rights defenders call on government to protect female aspirants

Various lobby groups have asked the government to move with speed and protect female aspirants ahead of August 9, election.

Their calls follow increased reports of GBV that are targeting women who are seeking political positrons.

They say this is the only sure way to fight gender based violence (GBV) during the campaign period.

“Full implementation of anti GBV laws and policies including investigation and prosecution of GBV perpetrators in all contexts including electoral period should be done,” said Sauti ya Wanawake Pwani Programme Officer Syrian Mwandacha.

Though they have acknowledged the efforts put in place to fight the vice, they say laws alone are not enough.

The women rights defenders urged the national government to investigate and prosecute all perpetrators of violence against women and violence in general.

They called for the creation of a clear reporting and referral pathway for all electoral-related GBV cases and setting up structures such as GBV recovery centres, safe shelters for girls and women in all the 47 counties.

They called upon the office of Registrar of Political Parties to ensure compliance in gender proportional representation in political  party lists to ensure that the two-thirds gender rule is met.

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