Monday, February 26, 2024

Nandi County is not violence hotspot during polls, says Governor Sang

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has dismissed claims that the area is one of the violence hotspots during elections.

Sang said the county is safe, and that there will be no forms of political instability due to polls.
“We have made a solid commitment as the people of Nandi that at no point shall we ever shed blood or destroy property on accounts of politics in our country today,” he said at a political rally in Kimondi.

His sentiments follow reports that Nandi is one of the violence hotspots under the radar of the national security agencies ahead of August 9, polls.

He further guaranteed to the business people that their businesses will not be disrupted because of their political alignments.

He further urged the government agencies to respect the people’s decisions during the polls.

“No one should try to mess up with the country’s election and should respect the choices of the voters,” he said.

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