Monday, February 26, 2024

Over 35 MCAs endorse Speaker Lusaka for Bungoma’s top seat

The race for Bungoma County gubernatorial seat takes a fresh twist after more than half of the county assembly representatives endorsed Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka.

Speaking at Kufwela House in Bungoma town, the MCAs led by Joseph Nyongesa,reaffirmed Lusaka’s candidature for the county’s top seat on a Ford Kenya ticket.

“We are here to assure the people of Bungoma that the only sure person that is going to transform their lives in this county is Ken Lusaka,” he said.

The Launch

The majority leader also revealed the launch of Lusaka’s candidature which will be unveiled on 11th March at Bungoma Posta Grounds.

“We urge our supporters and all those who want to see a change in this county to turn out in large numbers and witness this great unveiling,” said Nyongesa.

Why Lusaka

The ward representatives also used the platform to deconstruct the leadership of the current governor Wangamati terming him as incompetent.

“It is unimaginable that after 5 years there are so many projects that were started by Lusaka when he was governor but have stalled because of Wangamati,” said Khalaba Ward MCA Okumu Majimbo.

Some of Wangamati’s ills pinpointed by the MCAs include lowering of subsidized fertilizer in the current regime compared to the past regime and partial awarding of bursaries.

“Following our unanimous resolution to support Ken Lusaka for governor we are rolling out grassroots campaigns beginning tomorrow until we see to it that our county is in the right hands of leadership,” said Lwandanyi MCA Tonny Barasa.

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