Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Swollen Cartoon accuses Bahati’s wife of sending ‘Mubaba’ to attack her

Social Media influencer and content creator Cartoon Comedian threw shade on Bahati’s wife Diana B song “Mubaba” just days after releasing it.

She took the comments via her Instagram post stating; “Real bosses don’t force talent…na msiseme nimetaja mapenzi tight.”

The post was believed to be targeting Diana B who has been the main recipient for social media bashing lately following her venture into music.

Her comments may have gotten her in trouble as she was allegedly attacked by goons beating her up.


She revealed her photos with a swollen face on Instagram urging local artist to stop being petty and violent when they are told they aren’t talented.

“Yani juu kusema mtu hana vocals wakanitumia watu wanipige. Is that right? Juzi tu nimepost mtu haana talent sasa anataka wanitumanishie watu waniharibu sura. Nimeswollen uso mzima. Its high time we stop being petty. Hata heri ungeniita ningemsaidia kuandika lines, it’s a hidden talent I have. Let’s just mature up artistes, look at the damage, but thanks to make up I am healing,” lamented Cartoon Comedian.

She advised the person who was responsible for her beating to invest on goons, saying “they should have come with a gun not a torch.”

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