Do not elect leaders with no mission, Nyong’o tells voters ahead of August 9, polls


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Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o has called on citizens to watch out on the kind of leaders they intend to vote into office come August 9.

Speaking in Bondo, Siaya County during a New Year thanksgiving service at St Michael and Angels Cathedral, Nyong’o who quoted several Bible scriptures terming Jesus as a faithful leader who was devoted to his mission, said some come into politics having no mission statement.

“We are married to our mission and will not divorce it anytime soon,” he said, adding that some of his political rivals are people who denounced democracy a few years back but today masquerade as democrats.

Nyong’o who also said their competitors were people, who had neither substance nor conviction to lead people through difficult time, stated that their mission of democracy, true liberation of people from the shackles of poverty, disease, ethnic discrimination and socio economic marginalization will be realized under the AZIMIO movement.

He further condemned ambitious leaders who use money to woe voters saying strength and ability to stand for what you believe in at the cost of one’s own comfort, security or even life is what makes a true leader stand out.

Terming the Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga as a true veteran of democracy and of the second liberation, and calling their rivals as individuals who have put democracy on auction to the best bidder.

The Governor said: “As election nears, watch your leaders to see whether they have a mission statement and what it takes to serve the people.”

Nyong’o graced the event following an invite by area Bishop Rev David Kodia.


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