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Stop the brutality! Nyong’o calls out police as violence rocks sections of Kisumu

In a shocking turn of events, peaceful demonstrations in Kisumu over the high cost of living imposed by the Kenya Kwanza government have taken a dark and brutal turn.

Reports have emerged, revealing that police officers deployed to manage the protests have resorted to excessive force against innocent and unarmed residents.

Kisumu Governor, Anyang’ Nyong’o expressed his deep concern and condemnation over the use of force by the police, which has resulted in the brutalization of innocent members of the public.

Many innocent people, including those who never participated in the protests have been harmed and arrested by the police,

Anyang’ Nyong’o

He also highlighted that the police have been pursuing and harming individuals, even those who never participated in the protests.

“Many innocent people, including those who never participated in the protests have been harmed and arrested by the police,”stated Nyong’o.

Brutality zones

The heart of the police brutality seems to be centered in residential areas, with neighborhoods such as Nyalenda, Manyatta, Obunga, and Bandani bearing the brunt of the violence.

Boda boda riders and mama mbogas, who were not part of the protests, have also been targeted by the police operation.

We had agreed to conduct peaceful demonstrations

Anyang’ Nyong’o

In a heartfelt appeal, Nyong’o urged the police to cease the profiling of Kisumu’s people and to stop the use of excessive force against innocent civilians exercising their democratic rights.

He emphasized that the people of Kisumu deserve justice, not brutality.

“Our people need justice not brutality,” said Nyong’o imploring the residents of Kisumu to exercise restraint and expose those who are taking advantage of the protests to incite violence and destroy property.

“We had agreed to conduct peaceful demonstrations,”said Nyong’o.


The situation in Kisumu has raised serious concerns among human rights advocates, who call for an immediate investigation into the allegations of police misconduct and brutality.

As the nation witnesses these distressing events, voices from across Kenya are coming together in solidarity, demanding an end to the violence and a return to the true spirit of peaceful demonstrations.

It is hoped that Nyong’o’s appeal and the growing outcry against police brutality will prompt swift action to address these grave concerns and restore peace and justice to the city of Kisumu.

Austine Ogalo
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