CS Moses Kuria faces backlash over rogue remarks against media


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Cabinet Secretary for Trade and Industrialisation, Moses Kuria is a man under siege.

The CS has sparked outrage and condemnation from various quarters following his recent remarks against the media, which have been labeled as a national embarrassment.

Kuria, who holds a position of leadership and influence, is being criticized for failing to promote a positive image of Kenya as a nation.

In response to media reports on scandals involving the Kenya Kwanza administration, Kuria’s reactions have been deemed highly inappropriate and disrespectful.

He has been accused of displaying a lack of empathy towards the plight of ordinary Kenyans while seemingly being detached from the struggles they face.

Moses Kuria sustained media attacks

Kuria has recently sustained attacks on the media, especially Nation Media Group for unearthing scandals within the government.

He accused the media house of playing opposition politics, directing government departments and agencies to halt any advertisements in the Nation Media platforms.

Critics argue that his comments reflect a sense of impunity and disregard for the welfare of the citizens he serves.

The Kenya Editors’ Guild (KEG) has expressed deep concern over Kuria’s offensive remarks, particularly his attack on the Nation Media Group, a prominent media establishment in the country.

We would wish to remind Mr Kuria that he is now a Cabinet Secretary whose actions and utterances should promote positive image of Kenya as a nation


The Guild, an organization representing senior editors across various media platforms, has condemned Kuria’s language and urged him to issue an unconditional apology.

KEG emphasized the crucial role of the media in a democracy, highlighting its responsibility to hold those in power accountable.

They called for a clear assurance from the Kenya Kwanza administration that Kuria’s sentiments do not reflect government policy and that media organizations will be allowed to carry out their duties without interference.

The controversial remarks made by Kuria have been widely criticized, with Kenya Union of Journalist (KUJ) as a threat to press freedom and a step backward for the country.

“We would wish to remind Mr Kuria that he is now a Cabinet Secretary whose actions and utterances should promote positive image of Kenya as a nation,” the statement from KUJ read in part.

As the fallout from Kuria’s comments continues, all eyes are now on President William Ruto to address the matter and salvage the reputation of Kenya as a nation.

The media, in particular, has vowed to monitor Kuria’s political career closely, signaling that any further missteps will not go unnoticed.

“I can assure Mr Kuria that the media will outlive his political career and will be waiting with glee to write his political obituary,” furthers in part the statement from KUJ


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