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County introduces strict measures to curb accidents in Migori CBD

Migori County government has outlined strict measures to curb increasing cases of accidents in the town centre.

The measures include a strategic approach to addressing congestion within the town and adoption of a specified speed limit to control vehicles speeding into the town centre.

Also, the county government has proposed mounting of road signs along the highway passing through the town.

This was disclosed by the County Executive Committee (CEC) member for Physical Planning, Housing and Urban Development John Kobado.

The bridge connecting the Kisii-Isbania route to Ombo modern market is a step to help further decongest the town CBD by transferring more traders to the town’s periphery modern market

John Kobado

Kobado was speaking during a town cleaning exercise conducted by members of the Migori town municipal board.

According to Kobado, the move will ensure that no vehicles are driven into the town at speeds higher than 50 km/h.

Additionally, the road signs will help remind drivers of the proper use of the road and especially in a busy town like Migori.

“We have devised various strategies and approaches that we want to put in action immediately to help curb these endless disturbing accidents in this town,” said Kobado.

He urged motorists and especially those entering  the town’s CBD to strictly adhere to all traffic rules place in order to save lives and property

Kobado further explained that the road signs will be strategically placed and the locals plus motorists will be educated to take precautions while using the roads.

In decongesting the town, Kobado disclosed that plans are underway to build a modern bridge over River Migori.

“The bridge connecting the Kisii-Isbania route to Ombo modern market is a step to help further decongest the town CBD by transferring more traders to the town’s periphery modern market,” he explained.

New Parking Order

During the exercise dabbed ‘clean and save environment for all urban dwellers,‘ Migori County CEC member for Roads, Transport and Public Works Mr John Oringo said they have also proposed a new parking layout plan for private automobiles in town.

According to the plan, a new parking layout for private automobiles will be placed within the town centre.

Oringo added that the bodaboda operators will also be banned from picking up and dropping off passengers within the town.

He noted that the trend has been blamed for the heavy traffic snarl up in the town.

Migori town Municipal chair Mr Robert Mandela, called upon motorists, boda boda operators and pedestrians to support the efforts to bring traffic sanity back in the town.

“We want all the road users to come on board to help save lives and property within this town,” he said.

The county’s move to decongest the town and promote safe road usage comes after a series of road accidents that have claimed lives.

The most recent has left at least 10 people dead within the town’s CBD in a span of less than a month.

April 10 this year, 11 people died and scores others were injured when a lorry ploughed into pedestrians, parked motor vehicles and motorcycles after it lost its brakes.

This month, a lorry ferrying sand killed three people and injured a dozen others when it rolled within the town CBD after the breaks failed.

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