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Youths lead campaign to restore Lake Victoria

In an effort to revive the declining state of Lake Victoria, the Restore Lake Victoria Campaign led by a consortium of environmental activists seeks to reclaim the lost glory of one of Africa’s great lakes.

Some of the members are drawn from Jijenge Youth Organization, Twins World, Better Me, Us For The Street foundation and the Jitokeze Tupande Miti campaign.

The campaign is aimed at creating awareness and promoting conservation efforts around the lake, which has been facing numerous challenges including pollution and overfishing.

Activities during the campaign included a boat ride, story-telling sessions that used indigenous knowledge to promote conservation, and sensitizing fishermen on sustainable blue economy practices.

Clean up at Dunga Beach
An undated picture of Dunga Beach before the campaign
An indigenous bird feats on disposed fish gills
A model of fish at Dunga Beach to promote campaign against plastic pollution
Participants enjoy a ride at Lake Victoria
Participants enjoy a ride at Lake Victoria
Victor Didi during one of the sessions

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