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Why Lisandro Martinez could be the next Roy Keane

Lisandro Martinez is one player that reminds me of Roy Keane each and everytime he is giving his best on the pitch.

Martinez is a character who wants to work,fight and win just like United’s ex-captain Roy  Keane.

Should we call him Manchester United ‘s  future captain?

Psychological edge

The most significant advantage a player can have over their opponent is that psychological edge.

Many players or rather strikers have made bad decisions on the ball by seeing Van Dijk next to them.

One could take a shot when the angle is tight because Van Dijk Aura is hitting you, same scenario with Roy keane back then.

Many players could lose the ball or make terrible decisions by making bad passes just because Roy keane was running towards them.

Imagine reading that Martinez has said that sometimes he feel  like he want to kill someone, next he walks past you, what comes into your mind?

He’s short,ruthless and looks dangerous all the time while on the pitch hence the name “The Butcher” he is technically adept, a gifted passer of the ball and a destroyer.

Rebirth of Roy Keane

Are we even ready  for the rebirth of Roy keane?

The Argentina Football star possesses the qualities of a modern-day centre-back who has the grit and no-nonsense attitude.

He is also known for his consistency, his last-ditch tackles, brave blocks and aggressive challenges for the ball not mentioning his pass accuracy.

BRAVO LICHA! You’ve earned it.

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