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Academies grab top spots in 2022 KCPE in Migori

Momokoro Academy in Migori was ranked the best school in Migori County in the 2022 KCPE, with a mean score of 395.1.

The best candidate from the school, Julius Chacha Mwita who scored 429 marks was also the best candidate in the County, and the second best countrywide.

Other schools which recorded good performance in the examinations were; St Benedict’s Parochial with a mean score of 390.3 and Rongo Success Academy with a mean of 383.46.

Others were; Kenya Relief Academy which attained a mean score of 377.28, Migori Blue Shine Academy 375.23, Goldfield Academy 364.78 and Rongo Shiners Academy 361.

Rapogi Lwanda Complex got a mean score of 347, Harvard Junior Academy with 338.52 and Rising Star Academy from Rongo town registerng a mean of 330.4.

Milimani Hill Crest Academy had a mean score of 353.143, which director Phoebe Awuonda said was a blessing to them for their hard work.

Aspiring doctors

At Milimani Hill Crest Academy in Suna East, Panyako Desmond Tutu was the top student with 426 marks.

Panyako who beat all odds to record the good scores wishes he joins Alliance High School, and later pursue a course in Medicine.

“I live with my grandmother and these results will repay her effort to ensure I get a quality education, I thank my teachers for this gesture,” he added.

When we go to the hospital, we find very sick patients who require serious medical attention but there are no enough doctors to help them

Sarah Nekesa

Just like Panyako, Sarah Nekesa who was the second student in the same school with 386 marks and Lucky Nyabobek who scored 382 marks both aspires to become doctors.

“When we go to the hospital, we find very sick patients who require serious medical attention but there are no enough doctors to help them,” says Nekesa.

The girls also aspire to join Asumbi Girls High School, where they say they will get quality high school education to realize their dreams.

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