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Migori motorists decry lack information asks for more sensitization on Hustler Fund

Transport operators in Masara town, Migori County have called on the government to do more sensitization on Hustler funds.

The transporters cited lack of information among their members and clarity about the Hustlers Funds which targets various sectors.

Kevin Ayoki who is the Chairman Masara Transporters said that are issues which are not clear in regards to the funds rates.

We fear double interests, it has really affected our members and we cannot grow

Kevin Ayoki

“It is still not clear to us how this loan will be operated. We do not know the interest rates and the penalty upon defaulting,” said Ayoki.

He adds that they have a bad experiences with other lenders and hence are a bit skeptical about the hustler funds.

“We fear double interests, it has really affected our members and we cannot grow,” he explained.

The transporters were speaking at Masara town during the official assumptions of the office by newly elected representatives.

Masara town entrance (Photo; Polycarp Owiti,LRB)

Tax system

The transport association body decried lack serious social amenities and proper hygiene.

“This town is a golden city, but we have no toilets yet we pay taxes. County government should act to save us from perennial cholera outbreaks,” decried James Otieno, the secretary.

The transporters said they lacks bus stands forcing the transport operators to pack along the busy Migori-Muhuru road.

“Let the county introduce digital tax system. We cannot be paying tax to individual’s pockets,” .


According to the riders the trend has recently resulted in serious road accidents especially when motorists lose control and ram the roadside sellers.

The motorists pleaded with the Governor Ayako to fulfill his promise of construction of a bus stand.

“We already have land for bus stand construction. We only lack funds and hence we are asking our governor to fulfil the promise he made during the campaigns,” said the chair.

With an organised bus stand, the operators are aiming at creating more employment opportunities for youths in the area.

They further called on the county government to introduce a digital tax system where they are sure no one will pocket their tax.

“Let the county introduce a digital tax system. We cannot be paying tax to individual’s pockets,” says Bernard Ouma who is the vice chairperson.

With the construction of Migori-Muhuru bay road nearing its completion to a fully tarmac road, the transporters anticipate increasing business through the town, which is at the centre of two towns.

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