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This is how Ginger can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

Ginger is among the most powerful spices in the world with a wide range of health benefits and great taste.

The flavour of ginger food is slightly peppery and with sweet spicy aroma.

Fresh ginger root is typically light brown on the outside and pale yellow on the inside.
It is believed to have been discovered in South Asia.

Ginger helps all the way from adding flavour to your food, to supporting your well being

Emma Slattery

Ginger was later exported to East Africa and the Carribean.

Medicinal qualities

Emma Slattery ,a Clinical Dietitian at John Hopkins Medicine provides insights on some of the health advantages of using ginger.

She says: “Ginger helps all the way from adding flavour to your food, to supporting your well being.”

Slattery says ginger supplements aren’t necessary as it should be enjoyed in food and beverages instead of swallowing as pills.

Ginger Tea

According to her health research, ginger reduces inflammation in Arthritic joints and eases stomach cramping and diarrhoea.

Ginger is also used by pregnant women to ease morning sickness and other diseases related to pregnancy.

Further more, ginger lowers cholesterol, relieve nausea and help in efficient digestion.

Ginger tea, Slattery says is healthier compared to other commercial canned or bottled ginger beverages.

Other benefits

According to Slattery, when ginger tea is taken regularly, it aids a healthy alimentary canal and digestive system.

“Its warmth can raise the body ‘s temperature and break fever,” she adds.

She says that both fresh root and dry ginger contain health benefits and are nutritious.

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