Saturday, March 2, 2024

Government roles out Wi-Fi Hostspot plan

Information Communication and Technology CS Eluid Owalo has unveiled the plan to lay out the additional connectivity to spur digital economic growth in remote locations.

Speaking during the launch of the free WI-FI network at the Nairobi City Market, the CS said that the initiative will cut across all parts of the country.

The CS emphasized that the President had technology at his heart and will work to ensure his promise is kept to enhance the economical agenda in their manifesto.

“We are going to facilitate efficiency and effectiveness in the value chain of our business processes so that we not only create jobs but also reduce the cost of living,” he said.

The plan was to link at least 40,000 learning institutions, 20,000 government institutions, 13,000 health facilities to National Optic Fibre Backbone infrastructure (NOFBI).

Kenyans took to social media to share their views over the Kenya Kwanza move the technology development plan.

Some felt the move is not necessary as there are more intriguing matters in the department that needs them to work into.

“We have more than 5 strategic plans under the CS gathering dust in the shelves, cybersecurity, ICT Policy, Data Protection Strategy and many more . Why is he rushing to launch Wi-Fi hotspots?” wrote @Grigor-Andolov.

“Risk assessment ? The hacking by Kenyans will be monumental, put the money in something else,”@mojabenjamin.

Others however hailed the process and expressed trust in it.

“With internet comes opportunities for the poor youth who can’t afford data. Some learning how to code and other skills online, some to monetize videos on You Tube to make some cash,”@ writermos.

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