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Leave before I catch you; Ayacko tells ‘unqualified ‘county workers

Migori Governor Dr Ochillo Ayacko has put on notice county employees who hold offices without proper academic credentials.

The Governor spoke as he presided over the swearing-in of six newly appointed County Executive Committee Members (CECM).

He noted that a number of the unqualified personnel were hired in the past regime.

Most of our young men and women need jobs but they cannot get them because unqualified people are holding those offices

Governor Ochilo Ayacko

He said such would not be entertained in his government and asked them to start packing before the law caught up with them. 

“Most of our young men and women need jobs but they cannot get them because unqualified people are holding those offices,” Ayacko said.

He went on; “Let them leave before they are caught to allow qualified people to fill those positions.”

New directive notices

Ayacko directed for an overhaul county offices to ensure that the county has a clean register of qualified employees.

“The minister in charge of workers is hereby given powers to ensure illegitimate office bearers are removed from the said office immediately,” he said.

Ayacko also directed Health Executive Member to ensure availability of drugs and water in all health facilities.

“Migori people are paying taxes but it ends up in individual pockets and that’s why the county does not have enough funds to run its operations smoothly,” remarked Ayacko.

New county executive

The Governor also unveiled a number of Executive Members.

He appointed Maurice Otunga Nyanjagah to head his Finance docket, while Dr Mogesi Betty Samburu will head Education, Gender, Youth, Sports and Social Services.

Mr Lucas Mosenda Chacha will head Agriculture, Livestock, Veterinary Services, Fisheries and cooperative Developments.

Others were; Julius Nyerere Awuor to head Health docket, and Rahab Robi Chacha for Environment, Natural Resources and Disaster Management.

Caleb Odour Opondi will be the new CECM for Public Service Management and Devolution.

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