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Why Papa Fredy is against wife going through a weight loss procedure

Content creator Terence Creative popularly known as Papa Fredy is against his wife Milly Chebby’s wish of undergoing a gastric bypass procedure.

During an interview with one of the popular You Tube channels, the content creator revealed that the procedure would only make them do away with their normal work out routine, something he was against.

“We do not want something that will make us comfortable in that we stop our regular workout exercises.” he said.

We refused to go through the surgery process to reduce our weight


Social Media

The comedian further noted that despite the fact the procedure was something that many looked forward to they were not on social media to impress everyone.

He also stated that he loved his wife the way she is arguing that one might be big but very fit.

“We refused to go through the surgery process to reduce our weight, ‘He said.

Terence says they are willing to undergo another procedure to loose weight but so long as it won’t ruin their routine.

This response comes a few days after Milly Chebby reveled that she would undergo the procedure to loose the weight.

She was certain that it was safe and would not interfere with her health in any way.

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