KITHURE KINDIKI: How I will address stress among police officers


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Mental health among police officers stood out as a major issue at the vetting of Interior Cabinet Secretary nominee Prof Kithure Kindiki.

Prof Kindiki was put to task by the vetting panel on his plan to address the matter which has since become synonymous to the service.

Kindiki pledged to invest heavily in general health of the officers, with keen focus in mental health.

“I believe the issues around mental illness in the police service are linked to work related stress,” said Kindiki.

National Police Service Commission report in January 2022 indicates that about 13% of serving police officers are suffering from mental illness.

Kindiki said he intends to facilitate the ongoing establishment of Kenya Police Service hospitals and the Kenya Prison Service hospitals which he will link with his suggested units.

I will be the number one champ to have that part of the manifesto implemented fully to instill better morale and better working conditions

Kithure Kindiki

He noted that he will then equip, expand and fully capitalize wellness and counseling units.

This, he said, will deal with psychiatric cases that lead to mental illness often times leading to fatal accidents.

Kindiki said another measure that can improve police productivity when offering national security is through improved working conditions.

Kindiki said he will focus on the welfare of the officers and improve their terms of service, as was pledged by Kenya Kwanza during campaigns.

“I will be the number one champ to have that part of the manifesto implemented fully to instill better morale and better working conditions,” said Kindiki.

He said this will lead to a happier Kenya Police Service and Kenya Prison Service boosting national security.


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