Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Wajackoyah’s rural home taking shape

Former Roots Party Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has come out to flaunt his rural home.

In his social media page, Wajackoya shared pictures of his ‘isimba’ (rural home) still under construction.

The house is built adjacent to the grave of his late father.

“Time to remember my late father. Refurbishing his grave and finishing my Isimba,” he wrote.

A section of Wajackoya’s house

“I contemplate to build a little house in my ancestral home. Indangalasia village Koyonzo Matungu constituency has become monumental,” he proceeded.

Wajackoyah noted that his move to focus in the village has seen improvement of infrastructure in the area.

“The village had no electricity or running water. The bush road is now getting a facelift,” he noted.

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