Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Homa Bay businesses to enjoy 15-day tax holiday

Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga has issued a 15-day tax holiday beginning Wednesday 14th September.

A 13-member multi-agency task force has been formed tries to come up with ways of increasing collection and filling in gaps which have led to dismal performance in the past.

Governor Wanga says the county has sshown a potential collection of Sh1 billion as opposed to Sh300, 000 collected this year.

There’s no point in people paying money that does not reach the county

Governor Wanga

“After my inauguration, I sought an update from relevant offices on the financial health of the county,” revealed governor Gladys Wanga.

The System

She confirmed witnessing fluctuation that points to a breach in the system of revenue collection.

Even so, tax holidays are usually embraced by government administrations as incentives or assistant programs that boost and encourage businesses to expand.

This in the long-term boosts the economy.

“There’s no point in people paying money that does not reach the county,” said Wanga.

The revenue collection officers are set to report to the Finance and Economic Planning  department for further direction.

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