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How carrots can help in management of Diabetes

Carrots are root vegetables that are common in many Kenyan households.

They are widely known to help in developing good eye sight and helping in preventing constipation due to is due to it’s high fiber content.

But carrots also boost the immune system as it has Vitamin C which helps in boosting immunity.

Questions have however risen over its suitability for consumption by people who are diabetics.

This is because carrots have sugar and contains carbohydrates which might raise blood sugar levels.

Experts’ advice

Experts have however proven that carrots are healthy and not harmful to people with diabetes.

According to an article by Medical News Today, because carrots are a nonstarchy vegetables, people with diabetes can eat them freely.

The article reviewed by Kathy Warwick, carrots are a source of beta-carotene which the body converts to Vitamin A which helps in controlling blood glucose to people with diabetes.

The article further states that carrots play an important role in blood sugar control and digestive health, hence it helps reduce the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes and reduce the long-term fasting of blood glucose levels .

According to American Diabetes Association(ADA), to improve the blood glucose level, it is important for a patient too have a healthy diet and engage in exercises.

ADA also encourages consumption of foods with plenty non-starchy vegetables in which carrots fit into this description and is highly advisable.

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