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Reprieve for 58,000 Migori residents as they receive land titles

At least 58, 414 residents of Migori County have a reason to smile after getting land title deeds.

County Commissioner Meru Mwangi led the issuance of the vital documents in a four-day exercise.

During the exercise, 48,511 land owners from Nyatike Sub County and 9,903 from Kuria benefited.

The exercise follows the establishment of the National Titling Centre and the Rapid Titling Initiative under the National Titling Programme.

This document will ensure your families have a place to call home once you pass on and no one will evacuate them

Meru Mwangi

Mwangi underscored the importance of the titles, including using them as collateral when seeking funds for other development projects.

The commissioner added that the title deed will also help in securing land for the future generation.

“This document will ensure your families have a place to call home once you pass on and no one will evacuate them,” said the commissioner.

“It is your responsibility to receive and protect it at all cost for their sake,” added the commissioner while addressing the residents of Karungu division in Nyatike Sub County.

The commissioner also outlined the importance of residents being educated on the land succession process.

This, he says will make it easier when transferring land or changing ownership when the title deed bearer passes on.

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