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Leadership wrangles hit Migori County Assembly months after impeaching Speaker

Leadership wrangles continue to rock the Migori County Assembly as two powerful forces adamantly claim legitimacy.

The onslaught of the assembly’s woes started when Speaker Boaz Okoth was impeached over gross misconduct.

His successor, George Duro, who is acting in an interim capacity however cries out for interference from Okoth.

A fortnight ago, Duro accused Boaz of colluding with some assembly staff to sabotage the assembly’s operations.

Among the staff were acting Human Resource manager Michael Orwa who was accused of absconding his duties.

“During the past week, the former finance officer has been colluding with the ousted former speaker Boaz Okoth to disrupt the assemblies operations,”

George Duro.

The acting speaker lamented that the happenings at the assembly in the past one week have caused a lot of problems for them and other staff.

“During the past week, one Ogutu has been colluding with the ousted speaker Boaz Okoth to disrupt the assemblies operations,” he said.

He further revealed that the two were purportedly on the verge of changing the county assembly accounts signatories.

“They have written to various banking agencies responsible for the daily management of county governments, posing as signatories of such accounts,” he added.

This he says has caused a lot of confusion hence has deterred the county assembly from its operations.

We are the legitimate office holders of the Migori county assembly, appointed by the legitimate board


Twist of events

In a twist of events, Ogutu responded to the acting speaker’s claims as theatrics, as they are the only legitimate office bearers.

 “We are the legitimate office holders of the Migori county assembly, appointed by the legitimate board,” affirmed Ogutu.

Ogutu insisted that they are civil servants of the county.

He further added that the industrial and labor court declined the request by Duro and the team to challenge their appointment.

“They went to Industrial and Labor Relations court to challenge our appointment and also the gazettement done by speaker Boaz,” stated Ogutu. 

“The court declined and instead told them to serve us before they can come on an inter-party next week,” he furthered.

He challenged the acting speaker to read section 12 of the County Government Act and adhere to the court ruling. 

Duro however, branded the board members removed by resolutions of the assembly as outlaws.

He also cited that they will be dealt with as criminals should they try to perform any County Assembly business.

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