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Ever witnessed fainting, and had no idea what to do? Read this

Have you been in a situation where somebody has fainted and you don’t know the first aid procedure to conduct?

Worry no more. Here is a step by step procedure on how to deal with such a situation.

According to Wikipedia online dictionary fainting is a form of unconsciousness which is quick and brief often due to low blood sugar or standing on one point for a very long time.

Being unconscious is that abnormal state of a person being not able to respond to his or her surroundings as well as not being alert.


In a state of being unconscious, a person is not able to cough, clear his/her throat turn their heads in terms of distress as opposed to in cases of someone sleeping.

According to a Florida based Mayo clinic staff through an online article, fainting occurs when your brain temporarily doesn’t receive enough blood supply causing someone to lose consciousness which is usually brief.

The causes of fainting might have no medical significance or it can be a serious disorder often involving the heart and therefore should be treated as a medical emergency until signs and symptoms are relieved and the causes known.

But then one should consult the doctor if they faint more than once.

Key guidelines

Below are guidelines on what one should do in case you feel faint or when someone faints in your presence.

In case you feel faint you are advised to sit down or lie down to reduce the chances of fainting.

You should not get up too quickly also to avoid fainting.

Another way you can handle this is to place your head between your knees as you sit down. When you feel okay you should consult a doctor for further tests.

In an event someone faints in your presence here are some guidelines that will help them get back to their knees before visiting a medical practitioner.

First, you need to position a person on their back, examine the person to check for any injuries.

Associated injuries

If one is injured in a fall associated with fainting, treat burns, bruises and cuts appropriately and control bleeding with firm pressure.

If the patient has no injuries and the person is breathing raise the person’s legs above the heart level approximately 30 centimeters.

Make sure also you loosen belts, collars and any other constrictive clothing. Don’t wake the person too quickly and if they don’t regain consciousness call for help from your nearest medical practitioner.

If the patient is not breathing start a CPR- a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation which is an emergency procedure consisting of chest compressions often combined with artificial ventilation an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken.

CPR restores spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in someone who has fainted.


Also note that a person is in danger of choking making it very important to keep their airways clear of any obstructions while looking for any medical attention.

Lastly watch out for these when someone faints;
Prevent them from reaching the ground.
Apply a cool wet towel on their forehead.
Let them not stand until fully recovered.

In the event someone vomits while unconscious quickly turn them to allow the fluid to flow out to avoid obstructing their airways.

Do not give the patient anything through the mouth.

Do not shake or slap them in an attempt to make them regain consciousness.

Now you know what o do the next time you encounter such a situation.

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