Friday, December 1, 2023

Martha Karua, This is how we will reduce the cost of living in 100 days

Azimio la Umoja presidential running mate Martha Karua has said their government will reduce the cost of living in the country in the first 100 days.

Speaking during an interview aired on a number of mainstream media outlets in the country, Karua mentioned that Azimio is not in government yet and hence limited to act on certain issues.

“People should understand that Azimio is not in government and so we cannot decide on certain issues,” she said.

Karua said that their government will cut down expenditures and prioritize on the essential services in the budget.

“But when we come into power by the grace of God, we will lower the cost of living in the first 100 days,” she furthered.

Karus also mentioned that while in Kibaki’s government together with the Raila, they worked on reducing the cost of living by providing millers in the country with corn at affordable prices.

“We know this can be done and is possible,” she added.

Karua further added that their administration will work together with the fight against corruption cases.

“Fighting corruption is more than just about going to court, it involves giving the public confidence that the gov’t is serious about what it is doing so that the public can be partners in the fight against corruption,” she said.

Odinga on his side said the government is divided and hence cannot function optimally.

He blamed his competitor, the vice president, for destabilizing the government.

“The government is not one. One half of the government has strayed, said Odinga.

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