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MCK sensitizes journalists on mental health and safety awareness ahead of polls 

The Media Council of Kenya conducted a training for Migori-based journalists to sensitive them on mental health awareness ahead of the August polls.

The journalists were also equipped with safety awareness skills.

Speaking during the training MCK western region coordinator Teddy Evans noted the need for journalists to be trained ahead of the polls.

Teddy said that Journalists are frequently exposed to various dangers while covering elections.

“Today, we are here to sensitize journalists on mental health awareness and their safety as we gear towards elections,” he said.

“We want to psychotically prepare them on what exactly they should do during this period,” he furthered.

Mental Health

According to Teddy sometimes journalists cover harmful items that could affect their mental health.

He says that members of the fourth estate interact with acts of political violence which might leave most of them traumatized and disturbed.

The coordinator noted that they encourage the journalist to do self-assessments even as they cover political activities.

Teddy urged journalists to report to the council and they will assist them get help from counsellors.

Media Council also called upon other stakeholders’ especially political parties, politicians and security agencies to assist journalists with a safe working environment.

Concurrently the council is looking forward to engaging with and training police officers on media relations.

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