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I will focus more on education if you re-elect me; Mp Wamunyinyi

DAP-K Party leader Wafuala Wamunyinyi has pledged to continue channeling resources to educational facilities in Kanduyi Constituency if re-elected.

Speaking during a thanks giving ceremony in Kibabii Girls Primary Boarding School, the sitting MP outlined some of the contributions he has made in the sector.

While drumming support for his candidature Wamunyinyi mentioned some of the construction projects he launched in various institutions during his five-year term.

“Not so long ago I injected Sh1 million in support of a dormitory construction project that is ongoing,” he said.

“I also supported Cardinal Otunga Kibabii Boys’ Primary with Sh1.6 million in support of a similar project,” furthered Wamunyiyi.

The legislator also promised to inject a further Sh2 million to support the ongoing projects in the sister school.

“We are working on a joint project with parents to improve on the state of dormitories in these schools as we seek to improve the quality of education in our constituency,” said Wamunyinyi.

Senior support

On the other hand Prof. Stanley Ngome who represented the Kibabii University Vice Chancellor assured the school of the parent institution’s support and openness to ensure there is full realization of the school’s potential. .

Professor Stanley Ngome addressing congregants during the event. (Photo: Bonface Tengeya, LRB).

“I want to assure the Kibabii Girls Primary, community and parents that Kibabii University is a good neighbour to this institution and we will therefore continue to work together,” he said.

He went ahead to state, “Those who are behind must ensure they work hard and work as a team because with a university in our midst there are many opportunities that you can utilize.”

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