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Seven cleared by IEBC in journey to succeed Governor Obado

Migori Senator Ochilo Ayako has the go ahead from IEBC to join the race to succeed Governor Okoth Obado.

Ayako will be battling for the county’s top seat on an ODM party ticket.

In his address after the clearance, Ayako pledged to deliver good governance and eradicate corrupt leadership.

“My main agenda is to uplift the social position of our people and corruption will have no place under my watch,” said Ayacko.

Our party leader Raila Odinga is ODM sponsored and Azimio adopted. When he comes, the majority of the attendees will be ODM supporters

Ochilo Ayako

Businessman Philip Mwabe was cleared as an independent candidate.

Mwabe said he will push for Raila’s presidency and spur the economy of the county through industrialization.

Succeeding Obado

Seven candidates have been cleared by IEBC to contest for the Migori gubernatorial race.

Other candidates include Dalmas Otieno of Jubilee Party, John Pesa of Democratic Action Party Kenya (DAP-K), Rebecca Maroah of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and independent candidates Owiso Ngao and Boaz Okoth .

However Ayako has expressed his confidence in clinching the seat saying that Migori is an ODM zone.

According to him non-ODM candidates including those in Azimio coalition will have a rough time clinching any seat in the region .

“Our party leader Raila Odinga is ODM sponsored and Azimio adopted. When he comes, the majority of the attendees will be ODM supporters,” said Ayako.

“Therefore any non-ODM candidates must first acknowledge that ODM is the dominant party here,” he furthred.

Azimio presidential Raila Odinga candidate is expected to visit Migori on June 17th.

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  1. Migori will not be easy for the dominant party. John Pesa is a man to watch. He has backing from Kuria, Nyatike and cosmopolitan Migori. ODM must strategize to win (and this includes depending on the strength on RAO to hammer support for ODM candidate).


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