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Former Super Mazembe band vocalist out to dethrone Nyong’o

“One Man One Bullet.” This was the greeting from Shedrack Okindo when we met him.

He was making final preparations for what he termed ‘a major announcement.’

His presence in social media is conspicuous.

He solely manages his social media accounts, and he says this is a strategy.

“With this, I can reach out to everyone directly, and they can reach me directly,” he says.

As we settle down, Okindo recites a music verse which goes; ‘jua mapenzi ni bahari, safari ya mbali, venye maneno ya utani, mapenzi kiwembe yanakata.’

The song translates to ‘love is like a journey in the sea.’

It originates from my song ‘Nipende Bure’, and this is one of the many songs I have produced

Shedrack Okindo

And from this, we seek to inquire from which song the verse originates.

“It originates from my song ‘Nipende Bure’, and this is one of the many songs I have produced,” he says.

Okindo the artist

The name loosely translates to ‘love me for free’.

It is not easy to verify this, as the video of the song is not available.

“I did not manage to produce the videos, but for now I am in politics, so let’s get into politics,” he responds.

But we push on, and he says; “As at now my agenda is to mentor upcoming musicians.”

But he opens up on his music journey.

Music career

“I started music when I was in high school, and I even studied music in the university,” he says.

Shedrack Omondi Okindo was born in 1979 to Mzee Charles Okindo Ayieko and Mama Caren Atieno Okindo.

His father was originally from Rongo Kamagambo, but relocated to Kamrongo, in Kisumu East.

The first born in a family of seven children was however born in Kibera, Nairobi.

His parents soon relocated to Nakuru, where he schooled at Josma Academy, and later joined Gilgil Secondary School.

It was while at Gilgil that he discovered his talent in music.

“After high school, I returned to Nairobi, and lived in Kawangware where I met Super Mazembe band,” he said.

This was in 2005.


He worked with the band as a vocalist.

Two years later, he moved to Tanzania.

“I was growing in the music, but the pay was not commensurate, so I decided to leave Mazembe,” he said.

In Tanzania, he says he worked with Mr Nice and other notable Bongo musicians, with his stage name ‘King Lenny’.

I was growing in the music, but the pay was not commensurate, so I decided to leave Mazembe

Shedrack Okindo

He said he later changed his stage name to Don Sul-Tan, before relocating to Uganda.

“With the interest in mentorship in music itching me, I joined Makerere University to study Bachelor of Music, Art and Drama,” he said.

It was here that he interacted with more musicians, and decided to form a music management company.

“I managed a number of musicians, and my journey in music picked up,” he said.

Shedrack Okindo

Kibera MP

In 2019, he moved back to the country to give back to the community.

“I went back to Kibera where I was born, and I begun mentoring young musicians,” he said.

And when former Kibera Member of Parliament Ken Okoth died, Okindo threw himself in the ring in a bid to inherit the seat.

He did not however make it, coming number seven out of the 24 aspirants.

“This was my first time seeking a political seat, and this was a good start,” he says.

But later, Okindo relocated to Kisumu, where he developed interest in the gubernatorial seat.

“I interacted with the people of Kisumu and discovered what was missing; servant leadership,” he said.

He says he will give each household a dairy cow as a way of improving their socio-economic status, to avoid dependence on aid.

“With the cows, they can sustain themselves,” he said.

kisumu governor race
Shedrack Okindo

Independent Candidate

And after scouting for political parties to help him achieve his dream, Okindo has settled on running as an independent candidate.

He says his focus will be raising the living standards of the poor, and providing access to government services.

“People get into leadership for personal gain, but that is what I want to end,” he said.

He will face incumbent Governor Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o who is defending the seat on ODM ticket, and former Governor Jack Ranguma seeking to reclaim the seat on MDG party.

From his social media posts, it is evident that Okindo has moved from one party to another within the last two years.

People get into leadership for personal gain, but that is what I want to end


But he says none of the parties was providing the much needed attention to the agenda he has for the people of Kisumu.

And he says he will be mobilizing all independent candidates in Kisumu, and forge a working formula on taking the county leadership.

“It is not about the parties, but people’s individual leadership capabilities,” he said.

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