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Kuria community unveils first-ever native Bible after 39 years of research

After 39 years of research Abakuria community has received their first-ever bible in its native language.

The Kuria dialect Bible was unveiled on April 9, 2022, at Kehancha town by the Bible Society of Kenya in a ceremony that brought together both political and religious leaders from the Kuria communities in Kenya and Tanzania.

Speaking during the launch, the Bible Society of Kenya Secretary General Elizabeth Wanjiru noted that this will increase social change in the community. 

With the Abakuria Community being the latest to unveil a bible in its native language,Wanjiru noted that their main objective is to translate the sacred book into all native languages by end of 2030. 

The presentation of this Bible will be vital in helping future generations understand their language biblically

Rachael Ruto

She further revealed that the process cost Sh35 million.

Tanzania Bible Society Coordinator Alfred Keronge said the translation work will help the Abakuria Community preserve their language.

During the commissioning, Rachael Ruto who was the chief guest echoed milestones made in ensuring that the community gets its Bible.

“The presentation of this Bible will be vital in helping future generations understand their language biblically,” remarked Ruto.

Among the dignitaries present at the ceremony were legislators from Kuria West and East, Mathias Robi and Marwa Kitayama.

Kitayama called on the Kuria community to nurture a reading culture if to make good use of the bible.

The leaders welcomed the Kuria Bible, citing that it will help coming generations learn a lot from the language cultures.

The Kuria community now joins other communities like Sengwer of Rift Valley which unveiled the first-ever native bible on March 27.

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