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Netizens calls out Citizen Tv duo for being unprofessional

Jeff Koinange and his co-news anchor Victoria Rubadiri have been called out by netizens for acting unprofessional during a recent live interview.  

Kenyans took to social media after the interview claiming that the duo humiliated Pokot Deputy Governor Dr Nicholas Atudonyang during the interview.

According to the claims, Victoria looked upset when the deputy governor corrected her on how his name was pronounced after which the two then pushed him to the wall with heated questions.

“This is not true journalism, Koinange and Rubadiri are busy judging the deputy governor and not giving him a chance. Do your jobs and let the audience judge,” wrote James Gendi.

“I saw this too. Victoria Rubadiri was not professional. I challenge her to review how she behaved. That’s not asking hard questions, that’s being unprofessional,” wrote Wanda.

Dr Atudonyang who has been carrying his duties from Texas is seeking the county’s top seat after being away for four years.

Various individuals have gone ahead to demand that the duo apologize to the gubernatorial aspirant for trying to demean and harass him.

“Koinange Jeff and Victoria Rubadiri were working for US based CNN and BBC respectively before joining Citizen TV but have displayed unprofessional interview and owe the Pokot community an apology for trying to demean and harass Atudonyang,” tweeted Ronoh Cornelius.

“I wonder why Koinange Jeff and Victoria Rubadiri are busy judging Dr. Atudoyang. So bias of it all,” wrote another user on twitter.

The deputy governor now seeks to replace his boss, Hon. Lonyang’apuo for the county’s top job

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  1. I thonk they were quite in order to question Dr. Atudonyang the way they did… If this wasn’t professionalism then what would you say about Kahiga Mwaura and Sophia Wanuine whenever they invite guests to the studio but consistently show biasness in their arguments as long as it satisfies their prefered interests and support. Double Standards I would say.


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