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Kenyan men wants Omar Lali to take over as Chair, Men’s Conference after demise of Mzee Kibor

Kenyans woke up to a sad news, the demise of Mzee Jackson Kibor on Thursday morning.

Mzee Kibor was a politician and a renowned businessman whose fame came with his controversial marriage life.

This life earned him the title ‘Chairman of Men’s Conference.’

And in his death, the ever amazing Kenyans extended the joke even further.

“The men’s conference will never be the same without Mzee Kibor,” Bravin Yuri wrote in his social media account.

“On behalf of Stingy Men Association, Kisii branch, we pass our condolences to the family of Jackson Kibor,” Masao Mose wrote.

“My heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Mzee Jackson Kibor.

We lost a man

-a MAN of valor and value

– a man built in his maleness antique,

May his soul rest in peace,” wrote Amerix.

Another twitter user also wrote “When Jesus was given up for crucifixion, Pilate told the Jews “Behold, your king” Mzee Jackson Kibor was the undisputed boy child president. Today we all say “Behold, the chairman, men’s conference.” What a man of impeccable masculinity RIP.”

With the death of boy child president, Kenyans on twitter wants Omar Lali to take over as the chairman of the boy child association. 

Mzee Kibor married four times having 26 children.

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