Saturday, April 13, 2024

“Take it down” Otile tells Arrow Bwoy after releasing unfinished song.

Otile Brown has called out Arrow Bwoy for releasing his old unfinished song without his permission.

This comes after Arrow Bwoy released his new album titled ‘Focus’ that premiered on Sunday.

Otile said that was an act of selfishness and unfinished song may cause a lot of damages to his brand as he would lose while his fellow counterpart would win in his new album even though he told him to delete the song.   

“Why drop an album with an old unfinished song #demo that I warned you several times not to release. So you will go against my will just to win and not care if my brand is on the line… that’s selfish, inconsiderate and unprofessional of you,” said Otile.

He added: “It’s disrespectful, is it really worth it though. have been nothing but good to you. you know I’m not with the bullish, now take it down.”

The relationship between the two musicians has been great from the past as they have always worked together producing music.

It is not clear if this latest occurrence is just a publicity stunt, or a real misunderstanding between them.

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