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Shun leaders associated with violence, Council Chair urge the Kipsigis

The new Myoot Kipsigis Council of Elders Chair Andrew Malakwen has called for peace ahead of August 9, election.

Mzee Malakwen who represents the council’s Kericho County Chapter said the peace is a sign of respect to the people and the leadership.

He urged the aspirants not to take advantage of the people by inciting them against one another.

Speaking to the media after his installation on March 15 in Kericho, Mzee Malakwen claimed that leaders tend to manipulate the voters by bribing them and using other ways of winning their votes.

He warned the voters to elect leaders who have better developmental ideas, and who have the urge to create a positive change in their lives.

“Look for leaders who unite the nation and avoid cases of violence,” he said.

The council of elder is tasked with uniting the community and promoting development, togetherness and preservation of the Kipsigis culture.

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