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Bungoma’s new party for ordinary people wont field presidential candidate, nor support any

Entrust Pioneer Party will neither field a presidential candidate in the August polls nor be part of any coalition.

In a statement to the press at their Bungoma headquarters on Monday, the party assured members of its objective goal of increasing its grassroots popularity.

“In this election, we are not going to present a candidate in the presidential post because this is our first election. We therefore saw it fit to first observe and grow at the grassroots before we can make a bold step of getting involved in the national politics,” explained the national party chairman Maxen Masinde.

The new party made up of ordinary Kenyans most of whom are farmers from the Western region has been deliberating the party trajectory as party politics heighten ahead of the August polls.

The party chair however assured members of the positive reception of the party in various counties.

“In Bungoma County for instance, we have 18 EPP aspirants who will be seeking ward representative seats, four parliamentary office seekers and one woman representative,” said Masinde.

Aspirants explained their satisfaction with how the affairs of the party were handled compared to other parties.

“I chose EPP because it listens to me and it stands for the same issues that I believe should be prioritized by any political office seeker,” explained Gladys Nyongesa, an aspirant.

The officials challenged all candidates who are not satisfied with the way they are handled in their parties to join the party before the March 26 deadline.

“In EPP we partner with aspirants in the areas of finance, strategic campaigning and messaging, political research, revenue mobilization and public relations and management,” explained the party chair.

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