Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Ministry lifts mandatory wearing of face masks in public places

The Ministry of Health through Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has today relaxed covid-19 containment measures following the reduction of infections in the last couple of months.

During a press briefing on Friday,the CS announced that Kenyans will no longer need to wear their face masks in public places.

However, the CS noted that social distancing must be maintained and overcrowding avoided.

“There has been a lot of debate and discussions on the continued use of face masks as one of the containment measures. The mandatory wearing of face masks in open, public spaces is now lifted,” he said.

Kagwe also encouraged Kenyans to wear face masks during indoor meetings and in hospitals.

The ministry further announced that washing and sanitization should still strictly be adhered to.

“We urge all Kenyans to continue to adhering to the public and social health measures and exercise personal responsibility, wash their hands with clean water and soap or use sanitizers all times, ” said Kagwe.

The CS further announced a resumption of in-person worship provided all congregants are vaccinated.

“All in-person worship is to resume at full capacity as long as all the congregants and worshippers are vaccinated. The Interfaith Council is urged to develop protocols to facilitate resumption of full congregational worship with full capacity of venues where all congregants are vaccinated,” he said.

Kagwe further directed that all PSVs, trains and domestic airfreight services may resume at full capacity, however that the operators and staff must be fully vaccinated while all travelers should have face masks at all times during travel.

However, the ministry noted that vaccination still remains the key method of keeping Covid- 19 at bay.

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