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You want ‘maisha London’, get up and work for it, Kamene Goro tells women

Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro has called out women not to be entitled in life.

This comes after it emerged that a series of young women try to find out the easiest way to survive in the streets.

According to Kamene, a majority of women have standards and know what kind of life they want to live, but what’s not good it’s they are trying to live their life off someone’s pocket.

“The opportunities you think that we deserve as young ladies or women is not there and no one is going to give them to you, that nice life that you want is there but you have to get there and get it no one is going to give it to you,” said Kamene.

Maisha London

Kamene said people should generally forget saying they deserve good lifestyle if they don’t work hard in life.

Kamene condemned ladies who want the ‘maisha London’ without going to work for that kind of lifestyle.

“Unalala 9 to 9 na unasema huwezi panda matatu, na kuna watu wanaenda kazi by 4 in the morning even before the sun goes up going to get the life they want,” she said.

Kamene further added that girls who want to live her lifestyle don’t understand the pain, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears she went for her to reach where she could enjoy her life.

“This world owes you nothing, so let’s drop our audacity, entitlement for a small minute and go out there and do what everybody has to do and has been doing to make life make sense, no one is going to give you anything just because you are cute or you smile right,” she furthered.  

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