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Family counts loses in Migori after their livestock gets burnt in an arson attack

A family in Siala village,Migori County are still in shock after unknown men set ablaze their livestock consuming three dairy cows and over 50 chicken.

Elizabeth Kibigo was having supper together with her family before she heard someone walking outside her premises,upon opening the door she saw a huge flame coming from her cattle shed.

The Attack

“We were having our late night meals when we heard someone walking outside, on getting out and flashing a torch, I saw someone running in the dark and a huge flame came from my cattle shed,” she narrates.

Elizabeth,who cannot account for the value of the items consumed by the fire,expresses her fears of being auctioned as the burnt property was part of the unsolved loan from Kenya Women Finance Trust. 

“All the items I have lost were funded by Kenya Women, I am scared they will come knocking to reclaim their loan. I have nothing to pay them,” she laments.

Her son, George Kibigo also lost his motorcycle together with car tyres that were stored in the kitchen adjacent to the cow shed which was also brought down to ashes.

“We lost a lot of our valuables in the kitchen including a motorbike which I took on loan.For now we just need assistance,” he said.

Government Intervention

The family is now pleading for government intervention for assistance as investigations are still ongoing.

This incident comes barely is a month after three cows were killed in an arson attack in the same sub county.

The residents are now calling on the police to speed up investigations and end the attacks in the area.

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