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It is six figure salary for Kamene Goro’s new co-host at Kiss FM

Oga Obinna must be exited of the deal he struck in his new role to co-host Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro.

In an interview with 2Mbili, the comedian was asked how much he would pocket for the lucrative deal.

But in a no direct answer, Obina confirmed that the deal was good enough, indeed worth six times what he earned at Nation FM.

“I did not say anything, but what I will say is, but what I want to say is what I’m being paid is good let’s say its six times what I was being paid previously,” he said.

And when pushed to the wall, the comedian said he was earning something around Sh750, 000.

Obinna secured a place to replace Jalang’o after Kiss interviewed a number of top entertainment personalities.

He was chosen by the radio station as he brought good vibes with his cohost Kamene.

“As I start this new journey I wanna thank you all who have supported my career since day one and the new fans as well. I promise to keep blessing ya’ll with happiness, kindness, motivation and hard work,” he said.

He said he has always worked hard even though he’s been rejected at some point.

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