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Church best placed to stem corruption, says EACC Chair, Wabukala

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Chairperson Archbishop Eliud Wabukala has urged church leaders to take an active role in countering corruption in the country.

The chairperson was addressing the media during a workshop bringing together EACC and faith-based organizations (FBOs) in Bungoma County.

“The church has a key role it plays in society considering people from the lowest level of society to the highest level all meet in church,” he explained.

He noted that it is the recognition of the position of the church in society that led the commission to sign a memorandum of understanding with faith-based organizations (FBOs).

“Through our partnership, we have attained a lot and we continue to urge the church for instance in Bungoma County to take an active role in instilling ethics in the people and countering corruption in the county and in the country,” he noted.

Church leaders in Bungoma County received lessons on understanding the various forms of corruption and unethical conduct, understanding the role of the religious community in the fight against unethical practices among other relevant topics.

Peace and Cohesion

Keynote speakers such as Bishop Calistus Baraza of the Protestant Church urged the rest of the church leaders to encourage peace and cohesion in their sermons ahead of the August polls.

“Some church leaders avoid addressing election-related issues in their sermons because of fear,” he noted.

“We want to encourage you to be part of the team that advocates for peace and cohesion and encourage congregants to judge candidates based on their ethical values,” he urged.

The commission is undertaking nationwide workshop meetings with faith-based organizations seeking to boost its service delivery through joint efforts with the church.

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