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Burna Boy mad at onlookers who video-recorded him when he was involved in a car accident instead of rescuing him

Nigerian super star Burna Boy took to his Instagram confirming to his fans he had been involved in an accident with his Ferrari sports car.

What really shocked the Grammy winner is people taking videos and photos instead coming to his rescue.

“Yes it is true. I had a bad accident in my Ferrari today. My leg just hurts a little but I’m fine. It’s just funny how everyone came out with phones recording instead of trying to help (I guess they were too excited to see me regardless of the situation lol) but I love you all. Gambo got me,” he wrote.

This is the third time the musician is involved in an accident in a span of a year.

Burna Boy rose to the limelight when he released his song ‘Like to party’ in 2012 which made him popular collaborating with other international artists.

He’s released other songs that made him win the American Grammy award.

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