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Why Kibaki won’t be having great grandchildren from grandson Sean

Retired president Mwai kibaki’s son, Sean Andrews has revealed that he does not plan on having children.

The digital content creator made the announcement on his Instagram page while engaging his fans in a question and answer segment.

“Why don’t you like to be a dad someday?” posed one of the fans.

SEAN:Just don’t want kids, it’s something have known for a long time

In his response Sean revealed his disinterest in having children, a decision that made he says he made a while ago.

“Just don’t want kids, it’s something have known for a long time,” he said.

The bachelor who gives a lot of Instagram model sleepless nights, noted that he was single but searching for someone at wavelength with whom he could build with.

Lifelong Partner

Sean rubbished claims of wanting a lifelong partner, noting that he only wants a good life, something close to humanity.

“I’m trying to live a good life ,something meaningful to humanity. If I can build something with someone well and good, two minds can always achieve more than one Otherwise am on my merry way,” he said.

Adult Dating

Sean also said he misses his teenage years because of how easier it was to date then, saying adult dating is too complicated.

“What do you miss most about being a teenager?” he was asked.

“How much it was easier to date then…these days you might as well go with your pin certificate,” he responded.

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