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Go marry your grandma, you stingy boy, Kenyans tell comedian Mulamwah

Kenyans have hit out on comedian Mulamwah following claims of stinginess.

The comedian invited the unfriendly attacks when he claimed that he is only guarding his money from unnecessary misuse.

“Living in a Sh9,000 house does not mean I don’t have money. I have a million, but it does not make sense when you tell me to drink Sh4,000. I come from a place where money is valued. You cannot convince me to spend thousands on a night out, yet Sh1,000 can push my grandma for two weeks,” the comedian posted.

Kenyans did not take this lightly, calling him out to invest in his family.

“Boy your wife is not your grandma!! If you cannot spend on her then go marry your granny!! Your wife can’t play part in helping you hustle alafu you don’t treat her aiii!” Chegemorryne said on her Instagram post.

“Sad you have over a million and your grandma still living under 1k for two weeks… I mean the only difference between you and the old you nikujulikana tu,” wrote another Instagram user.

“This is him saying his ex-girlfriend was not worth a coin from his pockets,” corazonlasoi said.

Just a few months after welcoming their new baby, Mulamwah and baby mama Carrol Sonnie announced their separation.

Even though they called it quit, Mulamwah has continued to reveal what made them part ways.

“I don’t know why people still bring the past to the future. Focus on something constructive! We also have relationship issues but once it ends, it’s over. It depends with your focus and her focus on how to spend your money,” wrote djskod.

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